1. Meet Nurse Kunkeyani.

    She's a healthcare worker.

    Every day, she and millions of healthcare workers across the world are on the front lines of the TB epidemic. They're vulnerable to TB exposure and infection. And they're literally dying while caring for others. Their stories are important and must be told.

    We’ve circled the globe to hear stories of healthcare workers who have survived TB and its grueling treatments, those who have fallen victim to the disease, and those working to stop the epidemic. TB Unmasked tells these stories. WATCH THE MOVIE.

  2. Learn

    • TB Infographic

      Healthcare workers get TB at alarming rates. This data-driven story examines risks and solutions that healthcare workers can use to protect themselves.
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    • Helping Patients

      10 articles written by nurses from around the world, featuring a variety of perspectives on working with TB patients.
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    • Guidelines for Nurses

      The International Council of Nurses produced this training resource designed to help nurses detect TB cases, provide care and manage TB treatment.
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    • Protect Yourself

      Read the ICN factsheet on protecting healthcare workers.
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    • Expert Resources

      Expert facts on tuberculosis treatment, guidelines for healthcare providers, research and more from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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    • Stay TB Proof

      An advocacy community platform that posts news and updates with the goal of keeping healthcare workers, students and patients protected from TB.
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  3. Watch the Trailer

  4. Tell your story

    As a healthcare worker, what is your TB story? Have you or a colleague become infected with TB? Are you working to keep you and your colleagues safe? Have you become a TB advocate? Whatever your experience working with TB, we want to hear from you! Email us at tbunmasked@aeras.org or upload a photo, video or write your story below.

    请您在下面的空白处与我们分享您的故事 | Comparta su historia en Español
    Partagez votre histoire en Français | Расскажите свою историю

    Here are some sample questions to help you tell your story:

    What is your experience working TB? Have you ever been treated differently for working in the TB field? What are the biggest obstacles to ensuring your colleagues are protected from TB? What should other healthcare workers around the world know about TB? What would an effective TB vaccine mean for you and your colleagues?